Sunday, October 14, 2012


I discovered a new meaning to Fall the other day while enjoying the park with my two little ones and some friends.  We had seen a family of squirrels in a tree and the kids were having a fun time picking up all the acorns at the park and leaving them in a pile at the base of the tree where we knew the squirrels lived.  I had just shown my oldest how a branch from a nearby tree had just fallen in the wind and he went running off to look at it.  We were probably about 30-40 feet from the base of the squirrel's tree at this point and we heard a very large rustling in the branches WAY up above.  Thinking the wind had knocked another branch loose I stepped a few feet to the left and instinctively ducked my head.  A few seconds later, not five feet from where I was standing, a full grown squirrel slammed into the ground right next to me.  It had fallen over 50 feet from the branch.  It wasn't dead, or even stunned because the second that it hit the ground it bolted for the tree trunk.  All the kids were laughing and couldn't believe what happened.  Me, well I'm just glad it didn't land on my head!  Happy Fall!

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