Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Apparently I only post new updates when we make hats!

Here are our Captain hats, telescopes and of course the BOAT!

Hooray for Costco boxes, paper towel tubes and paper hats!  What a fun day!

We followed a tutorial and you can find them easily by Google-ing how to fold a paper hat.  But I linked to one easy tutorial here.

Have fun in the land of make believe!  In the words of my oldest, "Aye, Aye Captain!"

Friday, May 2, 2014

Oaks Day/Derby Hats

Happy Oaks Day!  No where else in the world do people know what that means except Louisville.  Happy Oaks Day is what people wish each other the day before the Derby because it is the day of the Kentucky Oaks, where the fillies run for the lilies!

Looks like it is some hot and ready tonight while we watch the Oaks.  We did have the opportunity for tickets to the Derby tomorrow which hopefully since we live here means that we didn't pass up on an once in a life time opportunity but with a newborn and in need of a babysitter for the big ones we decided this year just wasn't our year.  Maybe the opportunity will present itself again next year and we can say that we went to the Kentucky Derby.  Oh well.

We made Derby hats, of the homemade paper variety.
Fun, fun, fun this morning.

Step 1: color your butcher paper!

Step Two: crinkle up your edges around your head to make a hat!

Enjoy as it precariously balances on your head because you wouldn't let your mom tie a ribbon around it!
Voila!  Instant Handcrafted Derby hat!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fireman Back Packs

Yesterday’s craft was to use up more leftover junk in our house namely, two oatmeal containers, two toilet paper rolls, and two paper towel rolls.


As you can see we first wrapped them in paper and while the kids colored them to their liking I prepared all the other materials!

The kids decided that they wanted to make backpacks and I had a few ideas from pinterest about astronaut/fireman air packs so we improvised.  Fireman Air Tank.
As this complicated but beautiful fireman air tank that I found on pinterest struck my eye I also noted that it was a mom craft meant for kids to play with (likely for like 5 minutes), not a kid craft that would take up an hour of our day to make plus 5 minutes to play with!  Since this mamma is all about killing time I had the not so beautiful kid version planned out where they made it and played with it themselves.
It was still significantly involved as far as mom time is concerned.  Don’t think that you can set up this craft with a two and three year old and then kick it in the recliner for a short read or a long nap.  Forget it mom, there was lots of taping, cutting, hot gluing and creative thinking going on for this mom.  Not to mention running up and down the stairs to get more materials when we decided to change some things around.


My son has a near obsession with firemen but we decided that water packs were more fun for pretend play than air packs, so we made portable water packs.  As if firemen can haul any number of gallons of water on their back with all of their other gear! But we don't put a limit on creativity in our house so water packs it is!


In the end the hose is attached to the pack with some yarn but even for pretend sake never would any water come out since his pretend water pack was stuffed full of hammers, saws wrenches and other “firemen tools”.  Fun was had by all.
Remind anyone of another pack?  Who you gonna call!!!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

alligator craft

Crafting this week has been busy with two new involved crafts in a matter of days.
The first started out as an alligator painting project.  I wanted the kids to experiment with painting different textures and surfaces.  We used only one color of paint and we just painted up a bunch of junk that we happened to have on hand.  Saved up bubble wrap from an Amazon order, toilet paper tubes from the loo, and a recently emptied egg carton thanks to our Sunday morning brunch.

As you can see they went to town with the paint.

Then we assembled our project.

Unfortunately, As my kids got more and more impatient with my hot gluing we didn't even have a chance to finish the mouths I was going to attach.

So our Alligator project turned quickly into a life cycle of the frog project and these became tadpoles on their path to frogdom.



How did you craft with your kids this week?

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving celebration went very well this year.  This was the first year we ever hosted and it wasn't a disaster so that was good.  We hosted my in-laws and two of my brother in laws.  The Thanksgiving meal went off without a hitch thanks mostly in part to my father in-law who cooked everything.  I threw some sweet potatoes in the oven and made a loaf of bread but the rest was faithfully tended to by my FIL.  What a relief.  We have enough turkey to last us a lifetime but it was great.  We even instituted the use of a kids table for our children who sat at the train table with a booster seat and little kids rocker.
The day after was my son's third birthday and it was fun. The brothers and husband did some black friday shopping and in the afternoon we opened presents and then had BBQ for dinner and some birthday cake.  My BIL got me a Keurig for Christmas and we tested it out already.  AWESOME!

Well those are all the happenings here.  No beautiful pictures to share but that was our busy week.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Welcome back to blogging.

Whew what a break from blogging.  Life has taken over since I last wrote and a few key factors contributed to not keeping up with this for a while.  Mainly, a broken camera and a broken computer.  Blogging just isn't the same when you are trying to one finger tap out your posts on a 7" tablet.  Well since my last post we have gotten a dog, gotten pregnant, celebrated a second and 28th and 30th birthday.  We have visited family and had two families visit us.  We have started another school year and made some new friends.  I have been babysitting three days a week and crafting in my spare time to try to build up some stock for my Etsy shop.  I have yet to list anything so we'll see if it pans out.
Anyway that is life I guess.  Sometimes, real life just takes over and virtual life has to take a back seat.  That's the way that it is meant to be lived sometimes I guess.  30 years ago there wasn't a virtual world to keep up to date on all the comings and goings of our day so really if I have like two readers anyway who really cares how often I update my blog except my aunt who was a faithful fan!  Thanks Laura!

Anyway, I'm back!  Hopefully, this time I will not burn out as easily and will just enjoy having a blog without the burden of keeping up.

Enjoy this picture of our new dog.  Cute, cute, cute.  Pain in the rear but cute and fun.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013