Monday, January 5, 2015

Sticker Letters and Sunshine

The sun is shining again here in Louisville.  It seems for us lately that if the sun is shining it is in the 20's.  If the rain is pouring down it is in the 60's.  Too bad that the sun and the temp can't get together for a day.  60 and sunny or 20 with snow, we'll take either!

I was working on my "Drop-In" plans for my MS youth group this week and came across this video from Kid President!  Love it! Our theme this week is "New Year, New You: Be Awesome!" I thought this video fit the bill pretty well. Plus, who doesn't love Kid President?

News on the home front is all about learning.

Today we did both finger painting and some letter work.
We have done some other letter work, on M, O, E, P and C but today we did a picture of trusty old A!

I made an outline of a capital A and lower case a on a piece of construction paper and had the kids go to town covering them with stickers.  I have seen some projects where people use bingo markers to fill in the space of a letter and I thought hmm we have a TON of tiny stickers, why not? Our large sticker collection is largely supplemented by address labels with the address part cut off.  When you cut the address part off you are left with tiny little square stickers perfect for this type of project.

Here's what we did.

Happy Crafting and Happy Learning this first week of the new year.
Now some random pictures of cute babies and cats who like both sunshine and crafts!

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