Thursday, December 18, 2014

PHFR 12/18/14

Funny: The kids got this huge art kit from one set of grandparents for Matthew's birthday and grandma told them it was a gift for me.  The whole Thanksgiving break they kept pestering me about it saying, "Mom, when are you gonna open your gift from grandma?"
 Eventually we opened it and did some MAJOR crafting. Water colors, markers, crayons, rulers, erasers, stickers, stamps, this thing has everything.

Happy: two kids and a box of Christmas decorations, too many ornaments for one tiny tree and of course wearing the Christmas stockings like slippers!!!!

 I let them go to town and decorate the whole thing by themselves.  They had a blast.

 We have some ornaments that look like little brass trumpets and French horns and saxophones and this is the kids playing their pretend instruments.
 Proud of their decorations!

 With the fireplace.
 A big boy in his seat playing and waiting patiently for us to finish decorating.  We did find some Christmas stuffy's that he could play with.
 Look at that Christmas smile!

 We hung the pompom craft that we made two years ago at a pinterest party at Daddy's school!

 Happy: This is my 4 year old's block house that he recently built.  He wanted to leave it for Daddy to see when he got home and I said it was ok but snapped a picture anyway.  Sure enough the crawling baby Godzilla got in there and tore it all down shortly before Daddy got home.  We saved some tears knowing that it was preserved in the camera!

 Pretty: I got to go to Lights Under Louisville this past weekend with the youth group from the parish that I work at.  It was really neat.  It is an old cave that was a mine and they have millions of Christmas lights in the cave and you actually drive through it.  My mom thought that they mustn't let you drive through it because of the exhaust fumes but they do.  It is huge and they have all of these giant fans.  The only underground Christmas light show in the world!  Worth a trip out if you are ever in Louisville for the Season!

Pretty: Watercolor paintings by a 2 and 4 year old!  Need I say more!

Funny/Real: Almost every weekend I make pancakes on Sunday morning. Sometimes we have eggs and bacon with them but this weekend we made the pancake batter threw in a few chocolate chips and dumped the whole bowlful in the rice cooker.  A pancake cake!!!!  Awesome!  It tasted like a pancake with the texture of a cake and it looked like a cornbread!  What fun! As you can tell by how much is left by the time I snapped off this picture it was a hit!  Just make your pancakes according to the directions then stick them in a rice cooker and let the steam do the rest! YUM!

Pretty: Our newest Christmas craft project.  We are preparing for the arrival of some visitors so we are busy making placeholders out of TP rolls for everyone at dinner time!  We have to make 9 total and we are going to make them all a bit different but we have 2 so far!


  1. Don't know how I missed this one! Such cute pics and kiddos! Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!