Saturday, November 14, 2015

Nature Pumpkin

Didn't want to carve a pumpkin this year with the kids so I decided to do a hot glue nature pumpkin instead.

Step one: Take a nature walk with your kids.  We went to this local park where they planted a whole bunch of different trees and there are a large variety of nuts and colored leaves.

Step two: Collect, and if you want, learn about the different types of trees your leaves and nuts have come from.  We did some research online and with a tree book to identify most of our trees.  I found out something I didn't know, that is that buckeyes (a type of chestnut) are not edible for humans or most animals.

Step three: sort all of your collection and have your kids come up with what would look best where. (eyes, nose, hair etc).

Step four: Create your pumpkin by hot gluing your pieces on.

Step five: enjoy!!!

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