Thursday, October 11, 2012


Linking up for my first time with Like Mother, Like Daughter for Thursday's Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.

Pretty:  This cute little chunker just got her first tooth.  She looks just like her daddy.
Happy:  Two cute babies when they finally play nicely together.  It is tough to keep things calm now that little is crawling around and trying to take toys from big.  She just wants to slobber on them but he thinks she is claiming everything that was once his.  He almost always deems it necessary to take back what was once his even though it hasn't been played with in months.  But I am sure that he will learn to share eventually!
Funny:  See that little hole in the booster-seat-high-chair?  That is where the tray goes when they are little and use a tray.  We took the tray off because he is big enough to eat at the table.  Then I discovered he wasn't eating as much as we thought and apparently he has been stashing food down the hole for a week or so.  Good thing I clean the seat often or it might have been a while before we discovered his little secret.  Good thing ant season is over. YUCK.
The hole.  Perfect for stashing unwanted food.
The nasty stash.
Real:  Usually after bath time this little cutie screams and cries until she is dry, diapered, fed and asleep.  Sometimes the LONG bedtime process is multiple hours of screaming and crying babies.  This time though I captured a smile.

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