Saturday, February 2, 2013

7 quick takes, take 1

1.  This is my first time participating in 7 quick takes.

2.  My 365 days of Pinterest projects are going well so far. I have been busy crafting this weekend in order to keep the posts coming.  See some of my earlier posts for a look at our projects and crafts we've done here recently.

3. Just saw two movies recently. The first, Arbitrage, decent, but not my favorite ending.  Really I am a fan of justice but it doesn't always make for good movies. 

4.  Tonight we just finished the movie 10 Years. It was kinda random at first and I didn't really follow it all but then I actually got into it.  I really liked the ending to it.  I even got all teared up.  

5.  Quick subject change.  Looking for a great children's book about enjoying the winter... Winter Is The Warmest Season.
Great kids book. We checked it out from our local library and it quickly became one of our favorites.  My favorite page says, In winter cats sit on laps instead of windowsills.  It is true but I didn't know it until we moved away from Phoenix.  Suddenly my cats are such snugglers.

6. Hick show on Netflix that I like
River Monsters.
Hick show on Netflix that my husband likes to watch
Weapon Masters.

7. This week we had 70* weather, tornado warnings at 4a.m., and a snow day.  Yes all in the same week.

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