Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 16-20, Magnet faces

This is by far one of my favorite projects I've done for the kids so far.  Also, one of the most frustrating and time consuming.  If they don't play with it in the car I know I will.  I love the variety of faces I, achem *my kids* can make with this.  I made four pairs of eyes, four different noses. three sets of ears, three lips and one teeth, some mustaches and a goatee.   I also made some accessories like sunglasses and hats.  This was a super time consuming project which is why I labeled it days 16-20.  Seriously, the idea behind it was great and looked easy.  When you don't have all the supplies on hand you need it takes extra long.  Whew.

1. Find the container you would like to use.  I used a cookie tin because I wanted my face pieces to be bigger for little fingers to use.  The Pinterest idea I got it from used a mint tin or what looked like a tin shaped like a Christmas ornament.  Too small for my kids fat little baby fingers.  

2.  I drew all of my face outlines on a piece of computer paper with a sharpie.  Then since I wanted my face parts to have a little more variety I colored them in with a colored pencil.

3. Then I cut out all the face shapes.  It was at this point I realized that maybe I had gone a bit overboard with the drawing part.  The pictures below are only a fraction of the parts I drew, colored and cut.

4.  Then I went about the tedious process of adhering all of my face shapes to the bits of random magnet pieces I found around the fridge (that real estate calendar from 2010, the dentist office that sends out magnets to drum up business, the menu magnets from local restaurants).  Seriously people if you are going to take on this project don't, DON'T use the random magnets from around the house. It is worth the ten minute drive to Michael's and the $5 or whatever you will spend to get the sticky magnet sheet that comes in a very large sheet.  Trying to get all of my large face pieces to fit like puzzle pieces on tiny little left over fridge magnets was extremely frustrating.  Then hot gluing them on to the magnets, messy.  The magnets I had where the ad on the top magically peeled off perfectly and left me with a like new sticky backed magnet were like little gifts from Heaven in this project.  Now because some of the face parts were on sticky back magnets and some were hot glued right over the dentists smiling logo some are much thicker than others.  The hot glue ones are too thick and peeling around the edges.  I may go out and redo the whole thing one day just to do it right and be totally satisfied with it.  But for now it looks cool, it is playable, and finally finished!

Sorry back to the process.

5. After you adhere your paper miraculously to your magnets, cut around the magnet shapes and stick in your tin.

6. Enjoy the endless goofy faces you can make in your cookie tin, while on the couch, in the waiting room or in the car.

Found the idea for this project here

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  1. Ahhh, very nice! And funny, too. You're making progress! I save all those funky advertising magnets for a craft project, and now I have just the one for W. (me) to do!