Thursday, February 28, 2013

PHFR linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter


Isn't snowfall so pretty even when we want spring so badly?

Especially when there is a cute baby involved.


My son on his swing.  Seriously, it doesn't get any happier than this.


This was what we found my son doing just after we heard him rustling through the pantry.
Spill the sprinkles then eat the sprinkles off the floor.  
Quick get as many in your mouth as you can before mom sweeps them up.  Good thing our floors were fairly clean that day! 

Even the cats wanted to be involved.  Such curious kittens.


Both of my little one's in the snow eating the snowflakes.

E's ice fishing story.  "Seriously guys it was THIS BIG."

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  1. That is an excellent way to develop those all important fine motor skills! Sprinkle pick up!

    Your daughter is stunningly cute!