Monday, February 25, 2013

Wacky weather this week.

 This was what our day looked like on Wednesday.
We found a bug and touched it and held it.  We raked leaves and dug up the garden.

This is what it looked like on Thursday of this week.
Snow, snow and more snow.  Three inches in a matter of hours.  But by 3pm totally melted. Gone, no trace. Back to preparing the garden.  Weird.

Our view from the inside of the house!

Emma thought she wanted to be out where her brother was then...

 She was not so happy to be out when she realized it included hats, gloves, snowpants, shoes and cold wet snow.

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  1. What cuties! And what darling hats they great that they keep them on, without chin ties or velcro which my kiddos needed. I can't believe you've started digging your garden. Awesome! I got that idea a few weeks ago, and laughed at myself when I tried to sink the shovel. No way that's happening. Chi-town due for a big storm Tuesday; winter is not giving up!