Monday, November 10, 2014


Halloween came and went.
We had two Halloween events at St. Ed's for the fall family feast day and at St. Mike's for Trunk or Treat.
Trunk or treat was rained out so we had it in the gym at the tables but it was on Halloween day so it was nice that we could be in doors and not out around the neighborhood.
We didn't go to any houses this year.

Also, I didn't get any pictures of the baby in his penguin outfit but I will stick him back in it soon and put one up so you can see.

Here are the big kids.

M was a crab.  He wanted to be a crab with claws that pinch and googly eyes and eight legs.  I did what I could and it turned out well.  Many people thought he was a lobster but he didn't have a tail so... CRAB!

E was a duck.  She wanted to be a yellow duck with feathers!  Many people thought she was a chicken (no comb) some people thought she was big bird... good guess, not quite.  I made a poncho with yellow fabric and sewed on two feather boas.  I made a headband and sewed on some feathers but it looked really Indian Head-dress-y so I stuck the beak visor on and she loved it.  Litterally the only orange fabric I had left was leftover tulle from her pumpkin costume a few years ago so I sewed it onto a pair of leggings that she had.

It was fun making them and fun dressing them up and of course the only thing that they cared about was the candy.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their Halloween too!

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