Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

Awesome.  I've been having trouble writing my blog on our tablet for quick updates.  I couldn't see what I was typing when it was in landscape mode.  Yuck.  Well I finally downloaded the blogger app (I hesitated for far too long because of the terrible reviews it got.). It is awesome. Simple, clean and way better for screen typing than just trying to do it on the web.

Upped my babysitting from four days a week to five.  Whew it is exhausting but who's rolling in the money now. This girl.  Too bad it is ALL going to those icky loans.

Made some awesome new Pinterest projects with the kids this week. Will be sure to update my Pinterest posts tonight on the big computer.  It is easier when uploading pictures, than the tablet.

Coordinated naps today so everyone was sleeping in shifts.  Sounds silly but when the two bigs pick on the one little and the one little is too little to know that the bigs don't want her to play... Whew coordinating naps are necessary.  Little napped while bigs painted. Little woke, all ate lunch.  Little is playing in peace while bigs nap.  Soon bigs will wake and little will nap again.  No rest for the weary mom that way but it is so much less work without all the fighting.

Um just reread four.  What a bunch of convoluted nonsense.  Bigs and littles.  Names, just use names. 

Wed of this week 30*. Thurs of this week 70*.  Friday of this week 30*.  What just happened with that freak day.  I was outside yesterday in sweat pants and a T-shirt and I got super sweaty raking the lawn.  Today back to my wool socks and winter jacket. 

Thank goodness for high school babysitters and date nights with your husband after a long week.  Gotta remember not to pay her more than what I make per hour for babysitting.   Last one before Lenten Friday's. No dates on Lenten Friday's make me sad but what are two people to do at a restaurant while fasting?  Last big hurrah without the kids for a while.  (our babysitter works Sat and Sun. or that would be an option.) Happy Friday people.

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