Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pinterest Day 12,13 and 14

Whew this was a crazy week.  Busy little beavers over here.  But finally a sigh of relief as the kids are in bed, I am not babysitting any extras next week and I can do a little catch up on my blog.
Still been cranking out Pinterest ideas like crazy lately.  Some I've even done twice with different children.  I did the baking soda and colored vinegar project again with a 3 year old this time and it was a hit.  She could have dropped colored baking soda drops in there all day long.  I had to give her a fresh pan of baking soda three times.  The original batch with my son can be found on the post HERE.  Here are a few pictures of the experiment again with the girl I babysit (my 2 year old was at a speech playgroup and my 11 month old was sleeping).

None of the pictures show her face because, well she isn't my kid.  I dunno that I would want my kids faces on someone else's blog so I thought I would extend the same courtesy to their family.  You can see how well she worked the dropper compared to my son who is a year younger.  And you can see how she was very particular about where she dropped each color.  She liked the green the best and the bottom picture shows the point where she asked for a "new one of white".  She kept saying "my mom and dad love this project."  She knows her colors well and enjoyed mixing them to see what she could make, although she was more interested in putting them all in their separate spaces and covering every inch of white.  Hey to each their own.  That is why it is so fun.  Art with kitchen products are the best kinds of art projects

On other days this week we enjoyed painting, building block castles, towers, houses and bridges all the while my son builds trains and only trains.  Today he did branch out a bit from locomotive building to build a tower taller than himself.  

We got some good use out of our Ikea smocks this week which is always an accomplishment for me.  The little one I babysit doesn't like to get dirty or do creative projects unless their is a paint shirt involved.  Once that paint shirt is on these kids are like new children, excited, fun and creative.  All the while my son giggles while she exclaims with glee, "my mom and dad love this."  I am sure they will.  I am sure they will.

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