Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 10, Winter hat

This was part two of my wintery fun Christmas present for our Niece.  It turned out great.  I made it along with the slippers found on day 6.

I had some pink fleece that I made a hat out of and lined it with some great T-shirt material I got at goodwill about a year ago.  I made a cute pompom out of the T-shirt material as well.

I also made a scarf but forgot to take a picture.  Maybe they'll send one of her in her hat and scarf so I can see (hint hint!)

Here is the hat:

I found a tutorial about fleece hats that I used for my son's cow hat pattern.  I then amended that to do what I wanted with it for this hat.  The original pin idea came from here: fleece fun

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