Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 11, fishing game

One of the girls I babysit has been begging me to get a fishing game.  I ended up making one and found some similar ones online.  I found this one with laminated paper and magnets here: laminated fishing game.

I wanted to make mine out of felt because I thought I had more of the materials for a felt game and thought it might hold up better.  I made my felt fish with magnets sewn into the eyes.  I stitched around the edges and for now we have a makeshift pole made out of a paintbrush with a string on it with a key chain on the end!  Not exactly fishing in style but it works until I find something more permanent.  It turned out awesome and my son and the girl I babysit love it.  I used a beach pail to put the fish in and we used some blocks to make a pond.  It also went nicely with our color themed week.

 Dangling the line.

 Caught one.
 Putting it in the bucket.

Mom look at the fish I caught.

Even the cats want to help.