Friday, May 2, 2014

Oaks Day/Derby Hats

Happy Oaks Day!  No where else in the world do people know what that means except Louisville.  Happy Oaks Day is what people wish each other the day before the Derby because it is the day of the Kentucky Oaks, where the fillies run for the lilies!

Looks like it is some hot and ready tonight while we watch the Oaks.  We did have the opportunity for tickets to the Derby tomorrow which hopefully since we live here means that we didn't pass up on an once in a life time opportunity but with a newborn and in need of a babysitter for the big ones we decided this year just wasn't our year.  Maybe the opportunity will present itself again next year and we can say that we went to the Kentucky Derby.  Oh well.

We made Derby hats, of the homemade paper variety.
Fun, fun, fun this morning.

Step 1: color your butcher paper!

Step Two: crinkle up your edges around your head to make a hat!

Enjoy as it precariously balances on your head because you wouldn't let your mom tie a ribbon around it!
Voila!  Instant Handcrafted Derby hat!

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  1. Oh, too cute! I wanted to see the flowery one on that maker's head! I love M's serious face, and E is just classic E. Can't believe you made derby hats and had hot and ready without me. Next year will be your year for the derby! So sorry you had to miss this year. Hopefully it was on tv.