Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fireman Back Packs

Yesterday’s craft was to use up more leftover junk in our house namely, two oatmeal containers, two toilet paper rolls, and two paper towel rolls.


As you can see we first wrapped them in paper and while the kids colored them to their liking I prepared all the other materials!

The kids decided that they wanted to make backpacks and I had a few ideas from pinterest about astronaut/fireman air packs so we improvised.  Fireman Air Tank.
As this complicated but beautiful fireman air tank that I found on pinterest struck my eye I also noted that it was a mom craft meant for kids to play with (likely for like 5 minutes), not a kid craft that would take up an hour of our day to make plus 5 minutes to play with!  Since this mamma is all about killing time I had the not so beautiful kid version planned out where they made it and played with it themselves.
It was still significantly involved as far as mom time is concerned.  Don’t think that you can set up this craft with a two and three year old and then kick it in the recliner for a short read or a long nap.  Forget it mom, there was lots of taping, cutting, hot gluing and creative thinking going on for this mom.  Not to mention running up and down the stairs to get more materials when we decided to change some things around.


My son has a near obsession with firemen but we decided that water packs were more fun for pretend play than air packs, so we made portable water packs.  As if firemen can haul any number of gallons of water on their back with all of their other gear! But we don't put a limit on creativity in our house so water packs it is!


In the end the hose is attached to the pack with some yarn but even for pretend sake never would any water come out since his pretend water pack was stuffed full of hammers, saws wrenches and other “firemen tools”.  Fun was had by all.
Remind anyone of another pack?  Who you gonna call!!!


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  1. Oh wow, way to go, Mommy and M! Hmmm, just wondering though, who wants to make bets on how long until he climbs on up to the sink and fills up that "water tank" while his momma is nursing the baby? Tee hee! I hope I'm wrong....... nice, creative craft!