Wednesday, April 16, 2014

alligator craft

Crafting this week has been busy with two new involved crafts in a matter of days.
The first started out as an alligator painting project.  I wanted the kids to experiment with painting different textures and surfaces.  We used only one color of paint and we just painted up a bunch of junk that we happened to have on hand.  Saved up bubble wrap from an Amazon order, toilet paper tubes from the loo, and a recently emptied egg carton thanks to our Sunday morning brunch.

As you can see they went to town with the paint.

Then we assembled our project.

Unfortunately, As my kids got more and more impatient with my hot gluing we didn't even have a chance to finish the mouths I was going to attach.

So our Alligator project turned quickly into a life cycle of the frog project and these became tadpoles on their path to frogdom.



How did you craft with your kids this week?

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