Friday, August 15, 2014

How Things Grow {PHFR}

Another Thursday has come and gone and with it my baby boy has been with us for 6 months now!  Six months ago yesterday I had just delivered my third baby.  My two older children fell in love with their baby brother for the first time.  Soon after my aunt came to help out with our family and home and stayed for a wonderful 18 days (not much of which I remember being in a constant sleep deprived state) but I know that it was extremely helpful and fun!

Here is how things have changed in 6 months (linking up with the ladies over at Like Mother, Like Daughter for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real today.)

{Pretty} Here is my pretty girl six months ago when she was still only one!
Wearing Daddy's flip flops

Doing some vacuuming with Auntie "La-Lee"

Here she is today at almost 2 1/2 wearing the skirt that Auntie "La-Lee" made her while she was visiting!

Her hair is longer.

Still got that sweet smile!
{Happy}  Here is baby boy on day two!
Hey everybody today is my first FULL day!

Hey everybody I am six months and one full day!

I am getting big.

I am happy as can be.

And always smiling.

{Funny and Real}
Goofy Matty with his sister's hat on his head and his tools stuffed into his pajama pants for lack of a tool belt.

Bigger and more handsome, now with chocolate face that he refused to get washed off!

How has your family grown over the last six months?

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  1. Taking a peek at you cute blog and cuter kiddos, instead of sleeping. I can't believe you don't remember much from my visit; you were so alert, and I talked your ear off..... remember how the kids got so sick, and we spent days wiping noses? And hid the baby in your room so he wouldn't catch it? I miss all of you, and would love to spend several days being called Auntie La-lee again!