Friday, August 8, 2014

Watercolors and Rainy Days

Today was watercolor day!  We woke up to rain this morning and decided it was a great day for a wet and quiet sit down project.  Watercolor paints are difficult to do with the three and under crowd but with the two year old on my lap we were off!  My oldest (3 1/2) was fine with not muddying up the paints but my two year old needed a little more guidance. I only helped her swish her brush and chose a fresh color each time they did all the painting themselves!  What a beautiful job too!

In case you were wondering what we used to paint on... The back of my super thick, Costco version of Special K Red Berries!  When I finished the box this morning I hacked it up and we painted away!  Enjoy your craft projects today!

PS. Here is our goofy selfie we snapped while finishing up our project! 😉 It looks a little weird because my long arm is protruding from the center!  Haha it looks like Em has an extremely large shoulder and another arm coming out of her neck! Cute faces though!!!

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