Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Balloon Glue

Did an extensive three part project today! This morning we colored some tissue paper with washable markers.

Then we transformed them by hanging them out in the yard and spraying them with a gentle sprayer. When they dried we cut them up and glued them onto balloons.

I gave them a bowl full of different size papers, a bowl of watered down glue and a paint brush. I also gave them a balloon blown up and a toilet paper roll.

First they painted their balloons with their paintbrushes and stuck the paper on it. Matty tried painting his paper on the table and then sticking it on the balloon. And finally they both resorted to dunking the paper in the glue water and sticking them on with their fingers.

The paper towel tubes didn't hold the glue paper very well as our glue was too watered down. But the balloons seem to be drying up nicely!

Didn't get a single action shot as this was a tired mom sort of day and I ended up helping the little one with her balloon! I held while she stuck it full of paper!

What have you created this week?

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