Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stroller Remake

I recently remade Emma's doll stroller seat because it was torn and resewn in several different places.  The kids had sat in it so many times that the handle attachments were in constant need of repair and the seat bottom was torn on one side.  My kids eventually took the seat off completely and just used the frame to sit on.  It is supposed to be for dolls but forget telling them not to sit in it.

I decided to rework it using some heavy canvas Hawaiian print that I had and went in search of some tips.  Then I found this TUTORIAL at Delia Creates.  I loved it!  Her pictures are awesome and her tutorial is easy to follow.  I ended up ripping mine out like three times because I attached the back to the bottom backwards and then wondering why it wouldn't slip over the stroller poles.  Duh so I headed back over to look at how she did it and duh... I did it Backwards.  Helps to remember what it looks like before you disassemble the whole thing.

I didn't do a tutorial of this, well, because I was making it up as I went and because Delia Creates already has one.  So, I didn't take a ton of pictures and just was happy that in the end it worked.  Literally I really did spend three separate occasions ripping it out.

Bagh.... I used a blue Hawaiian print canvas and the original pink binding that it came with.  I liked the contrast.  I also didn't paint my frame, well, because I only had bronze spray paint on hand and didn't think that would work!  So here you have it.


Original seat with pink and purple zigzags and shredded up seat bottom.


New sturdy fabric with reused pink binding and buckles from the original.

Curious kitten sniffing the new creation.

complete with dolly!

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  1. Super duper impressive! I can' t believe you were able to re-use the pink trim! You are a very patient seam ripper. Did you ever cover the dog bed? Can't believe I didn't just make that for you when I visited.