Monday, August 18, 2014

Toddler Wrap Around Skirt - Tutorial

Another tutorial today of a toddler wrap around skirt. It has a rick-rack bottom hem and three buttons down the front
Step One: cut your fabric approximately 9 inches tall and 25 inches long.  I ended up piecing two together with the pieced seam in the back.  I used a brown/greenish corduroy (left over scraps from my son's TOOL BELT).  I did all of my stitching in light pink thread and had decorative button hole covers and buttons in light pink to go with.

Step Two:  Iron top and bottom a quarter inch down and then roll again and iron loose end under. Pin in place.
Top and bottom seams ironed and pinned. 1/4 plus a 1/4 turn to hide loose ends inside.
 Step Three: Turn your pinned skirt over and pin rickrack about a 1/4 from bottom of skirt.  You will sew this on which will attach it and also lock down your hemline at the same time.
Pinning the rickrack.
 Step Four: Sew the rickrack right down the center very slowly for precision sake!  This will hem your bottom and decorate at the same time.

Finished sewing my bottom hem.  See the stitches right down the middle.
 Step Five: Turn your skirt around and sew a 1/4 from top waistline.
 Step Six: Sew another line parallel to your quarter inch line for sturdiness sake and prettiness.

These were the buttons with their awesome holes I cut off of an old shirt that was getting worn out.

20 minutes of ripping and I had the holes off of the shirt fabric.
 Step Seven: Sew your button holes on where you want them.  If you don't have some decorative ones to put on you can just sew button holes directly in your skirt fabric according to your machine instructions.
Figuring out where I wanted them

All three button holes sewn on, ripped open and ready for buttons.
 Step Eight: Line up your skirt with enough room for a little one to fit inside and then mark where you want your buttons.
If your button holes are open you can mark right through to the other side for the buttons. 

marking my buttons
 Step Nine: Sew on your buttons according to your machine directions or by hand.
 Step 10: Revel in a 30 minute project that was easy peasy and cutie patootie on a sweet girl.

With a cute pink shirt

This was a twirl photobombed by a dog!

More twirling.
The only amendment I would make to this is that the back top might need darts if your little one has a skinny little waist.  We made this for a friend so we are going to leave it in hopes that it will fit her.  If not I know that her grandma can stick a few removable darts in it temporarily so it isn't too loose.  You want the top button on snugly and the two bottom buttons are mostly show, not for holding up sake.

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