Friday, November 21, 2014


 Pretty: At our house pretty is mostly just cute!

Crawling babies.

Climbing their Mamas

Smiling their sweet smiles and batting those lashes! *Sigh*

Trying to get the camera.

Showing off their new pearly whites!

And their squishy little baby tongues!

Generally looking cute as a button.

And big girls who REFUSE to nap, and would rather help mom in the kitchen.

This is pretty at 3pm but by 5 when the 2 year old meltdowns begin it is all too REAL!

Then you wind up with tired eyes and crazy hair and one crabby family.

Happy: Kids trapped indoors for days with a big toy filled basement to run in.

Playing dolls.

Runs. Not those runs! The runs where you do one race right after another until you collapse in exhaustion, except that you are three so there is no such thing as exhaustion and you just KEEP GOING!!!

Chasing each other with beach balls?!!

Another cute blur baby in the foreground.

More running.

Funny:  Matthew (almost 4) got a hold of the camera the other day and decided to take a few pictures by himself.

Selfie #1

Selfie #2

He even got this good shot of his sister!  I can't believe how well this one turned out!

Real:  Babies apparently don't like to ride in make believe boats with their brother and sister!

"Um, Mom, are you gonna leave me in here?"

"I don't think I like the open sea."

"Seriously, Get me outta here!"

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  1. So darling! My heart aches seeing these happy faces, I miss all of you so much! I owe the big boy a phone call; thought of him and prayed for him on his birthday, still need to call! Love you all!